Revealing the secret of investment baccarat

Baccarat investors. Holding custom operating specifications. Buying code investment is the key to winning in the end. It is the mechanism of “win retreat point” and “stop loss point”. The former breaks the mercy of luck. The latter avoids human weakness (long time Gambling is good for gambling).

The so-called knowing oneself, knowing the enemy. A hundred battles and victorious. Among them, the object of the person who knows the other on the battlefield or in the shopping mall. It is the incomprehensible: human (human nature). And the object in the rules of the baccarat game. Refers to the non-spiritual that can be regulated: card (Properties). Investors must be aware of the concept before standardization. Otherwise, they will be in confusion. Therefore knowing the enemy and confidant: the essential secret of winning Baccarat.

  • Confidant: Encoding (tactical)
  • Knowing the enemy: election method (strategy)

The concepts listed above. This recipe customizes the operating specifications of Baccarat. There are five methods in total. Here are the first introduction: Cactus Array: Run as follows:

Election method (full P and half B method):

  • 1. Main attack: bet P all the way (i.e. player)
  • 2. Assist: Take B in the middle of the journey (i.e. banker)
  • 3. Orientation: Take the bet to win or lose. As the trend indicator.
  • 4. Attack method: positive (win bet) break before negative (infusion). Positive forward negative downward turn method. Negative downward turn downward break method.
  • 5.Strategy:
  • Positive P head: Press the ground to break.
  • Negative P head: bet 1.2 column negative ground break.
  • Negative P head after 2 consecutive row breaks: bet 2 for a negative turn.
  • After 3 consecutive rows are broken, lose P head: bet group fetus 2 for a negative turn.
  • Negative B head: 2 column area: bet 4 in the sky. 3 column area: bet 3 in the sky.
  • After 3 consecutive rows are broken, lose head B: bet group tires for 3 losses.

Encoding method (close round betting method):

  • 1. Principal: XXXXXX
  • 2.Ante: 300
  • 3. This note: 3_15_21_30_30_27_24_21_18
  • 4. Plus code: positive (note) followed by: 6+6+9+9+10+10…
  • 5. The mechanism of the winning and retreating point is the stop loss point:
  • Lock code: start and stop: take an ante bet 3 draws 3 make up 3 retreat method. (This bet is a 5 round bet method. Anyone who wins more than 3 hands and breaks back to the ante bet.)
  • Abandon: Win up to 6000 before the 15th row. Abandon the game for a new table. (After the 16th row, win up to 3000. Abandon the game for a new table)
  • Exit: Win up to 15,000 per day. Exit.


This cactus array is based on the four major probability values ​​of baccarat and the five-shaped treasure of the truth about baccarat. The shape rate can reach 75%. Please verify it according to this array.